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Message of Appreciation

Way back in the 80's, 1980 to be precise I got myself enrolled as a student of class VII in this school, the then Mairang Christian High School. Less studious and more mischievous, I was like a leaf on a river with no specific goal. However, thanks to the timely intervention of all those patient and dedicated teacher, some of whom have passed and some who are still living, I was shaped, moulded and influenced. I am what I am today because of them. I owe my success to them all and I know I can never repay them for their unselfish effort. May God bless them all and may he grant them peace and happiness in their old age

Reypolas Lyngdoh Nonglait


Nonglang U.P. School W.K.H.D

02 - Jun - 2022 | By Reypolas Lyngdoh Nonglait