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Message of Appreciation

First and foremost, it gives me immense joy to have the opportunity to write down my testimonial as a former student of this institution. Mairang Presbyterian Higher Secondary was where I completed my higher secondary education.

As I drove past the old school one day, my mind was overwhelmed with memories. The school focuses not just on improving a person's vulnerabilities, but also on boosting their strengths. Many individuals have grown in a multitude of ways. In terms of the excellent tailored and warm environment. Teachers are considerate, well-educated, and nurturing. They instilled in them the value of hard work and determination. Academically, socially, and spiritually, the school truly accepts all of its graduates. Being at this institution marked a watershed moment in my schooling and resulted in a significant improvement in my self-esteem.

To all teachers and faculty members: "You should be proud of the work you perform every day; it is genuinely praiseworthy and beyond words."

It is said that the impact of a good teacher is everlasting. Teachers sow seeds of knowledge that will grow eternally.

My dear teachers, you are truly incredible. Being a teacher isn't necessarily a lucrative profession. You have always given your best as educators. It was impossible to please everyone, despite the best efforts. At the end of the day, it's not the pay that matters; it's the success of the students that keep you motivated. Your words have greatly strengthened and encouraged us.

Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious, and I believe it's among the great attributes of your teaching methods.

And, before I euthanize my pen, I'd want to share one thought with all of the wonderful students: "The road to success is not simple to walk, but it is possible to attain it with hard work, determination, and enthusiasm."

Last but not least, thank you to all of my beloved classmates for the laughs, lessons, and memories. You have left an indelible mark on my life as a student. I've learned a lot from you everyone, and peer tutoring and mentoring have been quite beneficial to me.

It is critical to have self-confidence. If you don't believe you have a chance to win, you'll make cowardly judgments in vital moments out of respect for your opponent. You see the potential, but you're also aware of more limitations than you should be. Even when I had no objective reason too, I have always believed in what I do on the chessboard. Overestimating your possibilities is preferable to underestimating them. Romans 12:11-12 says – not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer.

Discipline is crucial in my life; it serves as a link between goals and accomplishment. Trusting in God has been the key to my success in existence. I wouldn't say my life is a success, but I can say unequivocally that I have been faithful to my life and relying upon God. Philippians 4:13 –I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

For the time being, merely for information, I'm residing in Italy, Emilia-Romagana, Via Verdi No. 3 Parma.

Thank you

Herbert Joe Marbaniang  

03 - Jun - 2022 | By Herbert Joe Marbaniang