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Message of Appreciation

I would like to begin with by saying, I am so proud of my school and  I’m so grateful to my  teachers. 

Way back to 2001, when  I was a student at Mairang Presbyterian Higher Secondary School, one day in  the class , my teacher had asked everyone including me, one memorable question “what is  your dream in future” after my teacher left  the classroom I was so sad because I couldn’t respond accordingly due to which my mind was null and void about the future.

However,  I was over the moon  when a few  years later  my teachers and my school were so proud of me. For example, by seeing my names in newspapers, magazines, books and social platforms .

On the other hand, I brought laurels to the state of Meghalaya, North East India and India as a whole  after I received  national awards on social life.

What’s more, I am the author and one of my best selling books is 

“Ka Phan Nonglait : A Lady Freedom Fighter Of India” 

In a nute shell, by profession I am an advocate in the Supreme Court of India and National Green Tribunal representing Government of Meghalaya and empanelled lawyer for North East India in Delhi.

Daniel Stone Lyngdoh,

Ex - Student of Mairang Presbyterian Higher Secondary School, Mairang.

02 - Jun - 2022 | By Daniel Stone Lyngdoh